On The Edge

by Ryan Calder Band

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On The Edge – the Ryan Calder Band’s latest album – is really a window into the life of a five-piece family. And while the band’s music crosses maskande, blues and jazz boundaries from its acoustic rock foundation, the message consistently leans towards the positive side of life.


released April 10, 2010

If you have already bought a physical copy of On The Edge, please visit www.ryancalder.co.za/music/on-the-edge-giveaway/ to access additional (free) stuff.

Official website: www.ryancalder.co.za
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ryancalderband
Twitter: www.twitter.com/TheRCB

Album Credits:

Ryan Calder - Vocals & Guitar
Rudi Engelbrecht - Drums & Backing Vocals
Tamlyn Calder - Vocals
Roberto Hemmero - Bass
Jon Calder - Piano & Keyboard

Additional Programming: Marlon Hemmero & Jon Calder

Marlon Hemmero played nylon guitar on Wide Open World, Alive and More Beautiful Tonight.

Recorded by Marlon Hemmero at InHouse Studios.

Mixed and Mastered by Brent Quinton at Sesalos.

All songs written and produced by Ryan Calder.

Photography: Kelly Daniels www.kellydaniels.co.za

Album design: Michael Griffiths www.fresheffekt.net


all rights reserved



Ryan Calder Band Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

Having toured and performed around the country over the past seven years, the RCB’s repertoire of music continues to enthrall audiences of all cultures and ages around South Africa.

The band’s music reaches across maskande, blues and jazz boundaries from its rock foundation, while the message in the lyrics consistently leans towards the positive side of life.
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Track Name: On The Edge
You make me smile, there’s something you do to me
Every time that I think about you
It may take a while before it all falls into place
In my mind because this all seems very new

But I’m getting there
Please be patient
I know there’s plenty more to do
But I’m getting there

What I know is that there’s designated time
For you and I to make something of this life
And why not now? Because there’s no time like the present
It’s time to go on over, go on over, go on over
To the other side

Here I stand, on the edge of reason
It’s gonna be a trip where only so much can be planned
All that we need is hearts that stay wide open
Then we are bound for the promised land
Track Name: Let It Rise
Stop the commotion, let's get to the point
Something must be said before we blow this joint
Life's been getting cloudy, doubt has replaced belief
The truth is what we need to set us free, bring some relief

So bring a word of good news to be heard, that'll make the crowd go crazy even if it's not preferred
Shine your light, let it burn so bright, like a city on a hill guides the way through the night

Turn it on...

They all want a miracle they all want a sign
No one will believe unless they're made to feel fine
But the spirit rises up like a river in flood
For those that share a bond that is sealed in blood

So bring a song and play it all night long
That testifies of love and a place where we come from
Like it or not we're gonna give it all we got,
Make it hot, stir the pot and dish out the whole lot

Get it on...

Let it rise... let it rise...
Let it overflow
Let it rise... let it rise...
Get up, c'mon let's go

It's time for all believers to get up, make some noise
With two hands, both feet... and if necessary a voice
I'm not sure if it's sunk in, or even if you heard
You can talk all that you want but love is a verb

So if the seed has been sewn
then let the truth be known
And give to those in need
with the mercy you've been shown
Let it resound that your heart is heavenbound
And there is unseen treasure on earth to be found
Track Name: Feels Like Home
Lazy afternoon
Where the words are few
A quiet contentment sits on my soul
As I think about you
There's quite a bit to say
But it's hard to articulate
All I can say is if the world died today
I'd be happy in this state

Romantic love is nice but it just cannot suffice
To fill this place in my soul
A place for heavenly love, the real deal stuff
That shakes away the blues
It's a place that feels like home

The deepest longing of my heart
Is set on eternity
I'm a citizen apart
From what the world believes
Everyone's on my back with their stuff
All day, everyday
It would be oh so simple to tell them where to get off
But I'm not inclined that way

Can you smile back at a face
that doesn't extend grace?
Can you see what no one else can see?
There's treasure to be found
when the heart is heavenbound
Discovering who it is we should be
And it feels like home

Well baby it sure feels good to feel good
As well as toil and work while I'm here
But this life is a race and I'm keen for that place
Where the heart is at peace and love is near
Where it feels like home
Track Name: Alive
An open field to explore
A dream come true you can't ignore
It's time to venture outside
Sunny days and big blue sky
Time to wave the past goodbye
Let's get on up and ride

This is the first day of the rest of your life
Don't be deluded if distractions are rife
Just look up to the heavens in your time of strife
And sing it out loud:"The dream is alive!"

I got a ticket to ride
Off to the other side
Where the light shines brighter than the sun
And life will never be the same
Good love will be our fame
That'll be remembered when we're done

There's a burning in my soul
and a fire in my veins
There is hope on the horizon
there is freedom from the chains
Living comes down to giving,
and dying is to gain
Life can be more, when the dream is alive

Greater things have we to do
It may be crazy but it's true
A little bit of faith is all we need
For this dying world needs to know
That hope will rise and love will grow
And there is every reason to believe

There is peace for those in trouble
and comfort for those who fear
Grace abounds so freely
for those who will draw near
There's a life that can be lived
and it all begins right here
Yes I am living proof,
that the dream is alive
Track Name: Leave It Behind
I've been waiting on bended knee
Searching my soul for where you used to be
They say you won't learn much from standing still
But keep on running and you probably will until
The day you die

Yesterday ain't here to stay
I am ready come what may
The coming dawn has my heart unravelled and my eyes open wide

So take my hand, side by side
We'll leave it all behind

Leave it all behind, leave it all behind
Cause there's a new thing that we've got to find

Looking back, we've come so far
So young back then compared to the way things are
Now we are standing on hallowed ground
And there's a hope, there's a life waiting to be found

So take this life, take this heart
We've gotta get down to the business of a brand new start
Be thou my vision, be thou my guide
Take my hand, side by side
We'll leave it all behind
Track Name: Loving Every Day
The day our worlds crossed over
Is where my life began
Love taught me more than I knew
Or could ever understand
Grace smiled on this reckless heart
I was leant a helping hand
Now I'm in a new direction...

And the journey is the joy
Destination is our hope
I'm loving every day with you
Loving every day with you
Heaven's shone its light on me
Life is all as it should be
And I'm learning here with you

I'm alive, loving this life
I believe what my mind could not conceive
I have hope, as this story will unfold
And I'm loving every day with you
Loving every day with you

Seasons changing
And life is moving on
Lots of rearranging
In this space where we belong
Baby you're the world to me
My reason to be strong
And everything is worth fighting for...
Track Name: More Beautiful Tonight
Let me count the ways that you move me
Well I could be here all night
I am overwhelmed, whenever you're around
And yet baby it just feels right

Well I know it ain't been easy and life is not the same
As the place we started out from, so young
And as life takes its toll on these road-weary souls
The heart gets hard when it's stung

But don't let that be you, I won't let it be me
For the scars that we gather will really only matter
As much as we let them be

So tonight we'll let it all slide
What doesn't matter we'll leave it behind
There's precious little time to be wasted
on all of these trivial things
So let go and let love lead the way
Over what we do and all that we say
This fragile life is made better
when you are around with me
It's true, so far from all that I've seen
You're more beautiful tonight than you've ever been

It seems just like yesterday I laid eyes on you
For the first time all became clear
But my heart could not fathom just how it would be
It’s better than I dreamed of right here

Well the seasons they have changed
and baby here we are
A long way further down this road
As much as grace allows, the story has been ours
For better or worse be the load

And I can see clearly, when you are with me
And the scars that we gather will really only matter
As much as we let them be
Track Name: Wide Open World
The angels had a busy time today
between me and all my prayers
And I'm forever grateful that they stay
and I'm the subject of their cares
Big is the horizon but narrow is the road
to a place I can call my own
My vision at times seems to overload
and my direction is accident-prone

But I'm getting there...
step by step, day by day
I'm getting there

Cause it's a wide open world
So much to do in so little time
But to not give it a go would be a crime
It's a wide open world
I'm in pursuit of a dream of this heart
Setting out to do what I'd planned at the start

Well the world is wide and the world is wild
and it’s all pretty crazy sometimes
And you wonder if you’ll ever reach
where you are going before the death bell chimes
The question to be asked is what is the message
that I am living right now?
When all is said and done I want the light to shine on and shine out somehow
Track Name: Hide Away
Longing for a spacious place,
longing just for your embrace
Waiting for a new day to come along
Chasing after dreams, but it's never as it seems
Once I'm there... but I'm still hanging on

In a dry and weary land
My soul clings to you, my soul clings to you
I'm in need of a helping hand
Can you show me something good?
Can you show me something true?

I want to run away, fly away, hide away with you

Still learning in this school of life
Lessons in pain and strife
And the reward of being strong through it all
The joy is unrehearsed
Quenching the soul's thirst
For a better day and heaven's call
Track Name: Crazy World
Crazy world, crazy life, crazy days
So foreign is this place that I'm in
Crazy things, crazy style, crazy ways
To say it's all okay would be lying

But I can get by as long as I have you
It's worth a try as long as I have you

So unfair, so insecure, so ridiculous
So hard to find good news anymore
In need of good, in need of something marvelous
A yearning that's impossible to ignore

But I can get by as long as I have you
It's worth a try as long as I have you

When the world is cruel
And the darkness stays
I'll get by, if your love remains