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The Great Deep

by Ryan Calder

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Verse 1 The future is no longer as it was A hero is as a hero does Yes it's time to go on down to the enemy line The scales of this ancient foe are strong But fear and fire have been blown too long Yes it's time to go on down to the enemy line Pre-Chorus Ooo ooo ooo... we’re not turning back, no way Ooo ooo ooo... the dragon is ours to slay Chorus For the sake of love, for love we go There's someone to save, and a beast to slay Verse 2 You and I were made for a time as this The task at hand is no coincidence Yes it's time... it is yours and it is mine For the sake of the love for the sake of the One above yeah enough is enough So I’m not backing down, not now, No I’m not backing down my hope is in eternity’s crown We shouldn’t hesitate: Where the underbelly meets the blade, this is where we make the trade Not going renegade but to the cross Where the Saviour died It’s the place between death and life Every knee will bow, every tongue will say, Light of the world you are the way We don’t do this on our own Definitely we are not alone For the sake of the love, for the sake of the One above Yeah enough is enough No we're not gonna run and doubt we're stronger now we're not giving up We'll break through it in the name and the blood Cause we do it for the sake of the love
Home 03:45
Verse 1 It's been a while since I spoke to you I've been at war within my soul I've been entertaining angels blindly unaware That anybody out there cared Pre-Chorus But one thing I've learned in this life Is there's more to you than meets the eye I know, I should have known And here I am so far away But this ain't a place I need to stay Oh no, I'm coming Chorus Home, yes I'm coming home Love finds me on my knees I never knew you were all I'd need But now you are I have There's little left and all else that I had is now gone Today I've learned that everything I need is there at home Today I've learned I need to be where you are Verse 2 As the years go on, out of mind out of song I search for answers but find no truth I’ve corroded my own mind with common words of the day And once again I find I’m far away
Free 04:18
Verse 1 Lifeline - here for the free world It’s about time, the lies that have been hurled Stop here, just listen for a while Breathe deep, oh restless soul Let your heart keep, nothing but love In the truth’s light, you’ll get through tonight Step 1 Let your soul breathe again Let your heart believe again Verse 2 Faith will rise, there’s coming a time When all doubt dies – this light will shine There’s a truth that lies deep within our souls Sing out! Heaven on earth Can’t be beyond doubt, there’s reason for mirth There’s a hope that surely can be found Step 2 Grace uncalled for Has saved face and made sure there’s a way Chorus That we are free from history And anything can happen now Verse 3 Breathe deep, oh restless soul Let your heart keep, nothing but love In the truth’s light, you’ll get through tonight Step 3 Let your soul breathe again Let your heart believe again
Age of Crazy 03:12
Verse 1 In the midst of the flurry I hear you speak While the world is in a hurry My soul is meek To your words… they bring peace In an age of many voices It’s so hard to hear the truth And we’re seldom short of choices But it all looks very uncouth To the one, the one true kind of love Pre-Chorus Drown out the noise Won’t you speak the words I need to hear Chorus Here, just here with you I wanna be near, I wanna be near to you Verse 2 A still small voice Calls out through the noise “You can do it different, you can make a choice” It’s a peace, only heaven knows I will look for you While you may be found For this life goes by At the speed of sound And the end arrives like a thief in the night
Verse 1 Wide-eyed wonder An endless summer The joy that’s locked away in my heart from these days Landscape evergreen There’s so much to be seen And the warmth on our face from the sunlight’s rays… these days Chorus What a colourful world What a beautiful world What a beautiful life it is as I see it through your eyes Verse 2 The highs and the lows Of this life we know Memories are made with every breath and at every turn Glorious views So many saturated hues Shining through the day and glowing in the dark Let it burn…
Verse 1 Thought I was alone As the night was getting colder And the future seemed a darker shade of blue As I drifted towards sleep I heard a whisper on my shoulder: "I could still go to war with you" Chorus All the darkness in the world Can't dim the light of one small flame Rap 1 As we live in a world where we’re trying to fight Trying to find out what we’re doing is wrong or right Trying to burn the flame that will give us eternal life The answer to all this darkness is simple: just shine your light So, I’m behind the mic, cause all the lyrics I write Are not just to make a name Or get some fame or get the reign Not trying to entertain or rapping to get some change I’m trying to make a change While burning this one small flame Verse 2 There's an echo in my soul Of fire and rain from days gone by And seasons where we'll never return The truth is what we need The test of time that will not die Let it flow and let it burn Rap 2 We’re the salt and the light But there seems to be a fault in our light And we’re seeking what’s sweetening And that’s not the purpose of salt so it’s not right What we’re living is not life it’s not like We’re meant to be living a hard-knock life What we define as greatness Is not a portion of what He has in mind There’s a Kingdom of comfort we need to leave behind Through the eyes of the wise We can audit of lives and find a way To fan the flame and let it shine
Dear God 02:25
Verse 1 Dear God, grant me permission to speak Free from the boundaries I keep And the pride that entangles my heart Dear God, there's something not right with my soul And it might just be that I feel And urgent need to let you know Chorus All I need is to see All I need is a clear view of you Verse 2 Dear God, the last thing that I want these prayers to be Is merely an infantile plea Asking You for more things Dear God, I am undone by the way Your justice is like the great deep As I look at the state of the world Chorus All I need is to see All I need is to see you here
Verse 1 It's just the hardest thing to do right now Let go of the "why?" and "how?" And give it all, give it all to you I know that there's a season And in time I'll see the reason But oh this fickle heart just won't heed what it needs to Chorus I’m losing myself I’m losing myself I’m losing myself to you Rap 1 Once upon a time I pursued selfish pleasures Now I find I have just one endeavour And that is to please you, just you I’m made brand new in everything that I do As I lose myself in the moment with you I find there’s some same old things that I don’t want to do This life is overwhelming ‘til I cried out for help And yes, I lived reality until I lost myself I confess Verse 2 I've got a lot of things on my mind Cause there is something I have yet to find Something that, something that's beyond here How do I die to myself? When everyone says I must be true to myself? And all that I, all that I hold dear Rap 2 I eagerly expect that I won’t be ashamed I’m not here to chase all of the money and fame Put a fire in me that can’t be contained For me to live is Christ and to die is to gain I’m giving it up though I thought I had enough I’m made brand new and my heart is only for you So we’re here to stick it out cause the world needs to see: Alive we’re Christ’s messengers but dead we’re his bounty
Open Air 03:38
I'll meet you there Between our dreams and our souls stripped bare In the open air You and I well we make quite a pair Pre-Chorus: And it's not an average day And you're anything but okay Chorus: There's a world outside that is yet to be seen There are places in this life that we haven't been Rock to the rhythm of this busy city The time is now and you look so pretty We could start a life brand new tonight Faith it seems Could get us further than our wildest dreams Through life's extremes A prayer and a choice is all we need (Pre-Chorus & Chorus) Bridge: You never lose by loving You always lose by holding back Are we all so different after all? (Pre-Chorus & Chorus)
Verse 1 The angel sat down next to me, handed me a cup of tea Trying to console my weary heart And I never thought my life would be broken and so weary This is not what I had planned at the start I’d loved and lost but I’d rather not loved at all At least my heart would still be in one piece And now this aching loss just won’t leave me alone Verse 2 So many things don’t go your way try as hard as you may Life is just more complex in design I said stop the world I want to get off, I’m finished here I’ve had enough Just pick me up and take me home And then she took me by the hand, lifted me upon dry land And I had a look around as her words cut to my soul Chorus There is hope these are temporary woes Don’t you know this is how the story goes And wherever you will roam have this in your heart You were not meant to go through it all alone You were not meant to go through it on your own Verse 3 There’s a realm presiding over us It overlooks the ash and dust The fallen world we find that we are in And for some it’s true and some believe While other battle to conceive We’re entertaining angels all the time Among the bigger questions I am glad The Lord provided tea bags for our tears For to act like judge and jury just won’t save this soul
Slow 04:00
Slow down, slow down to a standstill And listen, listen to the world around Just stop the noise inside my head And listen to the sound instead Of heaven speaking gently Could you hear it any other way? The years so quickly crowd us in And keep eternity away From the way we should be living today Be still oh crazy world Is it too much to ask… For you to just be still… be still for this moment now?


Inspired by the psalmist, The Great Deep is a creative venture by the RCB which explores the world and its Creator.


released September 1, 2020


all rights reserved



Ryan Calder Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

Having toured and performed around the country over the past seven years, the RCB’s repertoire of music continues to enthrall audiences of all cultures and ages around South Africa.

The band’s music reaches across maskande, blues and jazz boundaries from its rock foundation, while the message in the lyrics consistently leans towards the positive side of life.
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